Our classes are in modern, street dance, tap, ballet and stage.  Please see below which dance styles are included in each class.
Due to limited spaces in most of our classes, please do not turn up to any classes without contacting us in advance where we will do our best to accomodate everyone.


Beginner ballet tap and modern (Pre school) - Saturday (time tbc)
Primary ballet tap modern (P1 - P2) - Saturday (time tbc)
Youth 1 lyrical tap modern and street (P3 - P4) - Saturday (time tbc)
Youth 2 lyrical tap modern and street (P5 -P6) - Saturday (time tbc)
Junior 1 lyrical modern and street (P7 - S1) - Saturday (time tbc)
Junior 1 tap (P7 - S1)
Junior 2 lyrical modern and street (S2 -S3) - Saturday (time tbc)
Junior 2 tap (S2 - S3) - Saturday (time tbc)
Senior lyrical modern stage and street (S3 - S4) - Tuesday 6pm - 7pm
Senior & Student tap (S3 - Student) - Tuesday 7.15pm - 8pm
Student lyrical modern street and stage (S5+) - Tuesday 8pm - 9pm